Saturday, January 06, 2007

Peace through Submission

“A U.S. Border Patrol entry Identification Team site was overrun Wednesday night along Arizona's border with Mexico.”

“According to the Border Patrol, an unknown number of gunmen attacked the site in the state's West Desert Region around 11 p.m. The site is manned by National Guardsmen. Those guardsmen were forced to retreat.”

Here’s the

Isn’t that great? The prosecution of our border patrol agents for enforcing our laws is finally having an effect. Our country has finally established zero tolerance for those who would try and keep people from invading our country.

Lets think about this in combination with the other messages we send.

Illegals will now get SS for the time they worked illegally under any new amnesty, which they are now virtually certain to get.

Here's the article.

We have established that we are unwilling to fight a war if our casualties go over 3,000 over three years (that’s 3 per day).

We have established that being a citizen of the United States is meaningless. Anyone who walks over our border has the same rights and privileges as a citizen, with none of the responsibilities. To be a citizen is to be a second-class citizen.

We have established, with the flying Imams, that there are many in our country that believe if you act like a terrorist, chant like a terrorist and curse America like a terrorist, you should still be allowed to board a plane.

It would be hard for the outside observer to conclude we have any interest at all in defending our country. We have established our policy as “Peace through weakness, Tolerance through defeat”.
So…. What now?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Those Damn Polls

Huh – Now that’s really weird. According to a Rasmussen poll 43% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the new speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi. I found this kind of astonishing since I think most would agree the country is pretty evenly split Democrats and Republicans. Given that she has gotten press only slightly more favorable than I would expect the messiah would get on the second coming I would really expect close to 60% popularity for her.

But wait, look again, the same poll says she has a 39% unfavorable opinion among likely voters. That’s astonishingly high considering she has been in office a matter of hours. So what gives?

Well, frankly I think it’s a combination of two things: hard core right and left antagonism. Pelosi is a pretty far left gal and I think the far left that supported her is a little cranky they aren’t hearing that congress is cutting off funding for Iraq starting next week. The right is equally cranky because it is just a little hard to swallow all this “most ethical congress in the world” crap from her when we have guys like William “cold cash bill” Jefferson getting standing O’s from the congressional black caucus. Its pretty hard to claim you are running an ethical ship when you have guys openly taking $100k bribes as members of your party.

Oh well, lets look for more mirthful ninnydom in the Senate as well. With Bob Byrd as president pro tempore things should be fun. Nothing like having an ex KKK grand kleagle and Exalted Cyclops running things to get the yuks going. Ill start things off: Did you know a Kleagle was sort of like the head recruiter for the KKK? No? Well, how’s this for synchronicity, Kleagle sounds a heck of a lot like Kegal, which is the name of a vaginal exercise. EEEerie aint it?

One thing’s for sure, I have a feeling that Grand Cyclopes merit badge is pretty darn cool….. wonder if he’s got it framed somewhere…. Hey, maybe its on Ebay?

Oh man it’s going to be a fun two years. Pelosi’s shrill shreak “We want the troops out now, it’s a quagmire but we don’t have the guts to stand behind our words and cut off funding” Byrd in the background muttering “Yeah Nancy! Ya’ll give em hell, this is a frustrating arrogance of tarnation presidential abuse….. where’s mah damn sheet”

Friday, December 22, 2006

Charges Dropped, Charges Brought

Well, at least that’s what I wish the headline read in the Duke rape case. It is outrageous that this woman can change her story yet again and still remain unscathed and anonymous. Now she isn’t sure a rape even really happened.

Why in the world are accusers of rape allowed to remain anonymous and those accused have their names plastered across the papers? Where do these men seek compensation for their lives being turned into a living hell and the financial burden this caused their families?

Will the woman who accused them in this scam undergo any sort of punishment? Shouldn’t there be some sort of penalty for accusing someone of rape, while hiding in the shadows, ruining lives with impunity while the story changes so many times it is now impossible to believe? What about the press? Shouldn’t they have some restraint in publishing the accused name while allowing the accuser to fire away at will with complete anonymity?

My choice would be what I understand they have in England. No publishing of either the victim or the accused names until a guilty verdict is rendered. With a law such as this not only would people have less incentive to falsely bring a rape allegation, but politically motivated prosecutors would be restrained.

Duke should reinstate these students immediately. As far as I am concerned the remainder of the tuition due for their education should be gratis as punishment for their precipitous suspension.
As for DA Mike Nifongs decision to pursue kidnapping and sex charges, nothing needs to be said. The man is a politically motivated flatworm and that is apparent to all at this point.
The Jean and Kofi show:

It’s been a couple of weeks since Jean Kirkpatrick, former US ambassador to the UN died. She was perhaps the last of the true feminists and a woman I really admired. During her tenure at the UN, and in subsequent appearances and lectures I cant really ever think of her saying anything stunningly brilliant, or drenched in genius. No, what set her apart was the clarity with which she spoke. She had a way of riveting you to your seat because you knew she was going to say what everyone knew, but no one seemed to utter. She was “Miss No Bullshit, no I don’t want to feel your pain, no I don’t want to empathize with you”. Her coining of the phrase “blame America first” is especially apt today.

During the 1980’s the press had a cow over Regan’s statement about the Russians: “trust but verify”. When Kirkpatrick was asked about this her response perfect. She said we didn’t trust them because the Soviet government was evil and therefore would probably lie. We knew they were evil because they had a tendency to shoot people who tried to leave. I remember the open mouthed amazement anytime she would say something like this. I mean everyone knew it, but for some reason it was considered bad to say it. It might be true that no one person was responsible for the end of the Cold War. That attitude, that the Soviet government was evil and should be called such, was probably more responsible than anything else. Kirkpatrick had a major hand in fostering that way of thinking.

That said – let’s move on to Kofi and his gang at the UN, where Jean used to work. It looks as though we are pretty much done brushing the UN Oil for Food Scandal, largest financial scandal in world history, under the rug. But wait! There’s more! Now it turns out Kofi and his family have been getting subsidized housing intended for the working poor.

Is there no end? I think to truly understand the UN, you really have to live in New York for a while. Why anyone has any sort of investment in this group of thugs is beyond me. All it takes is a few one-hour walks around town in the East 50’s. All the diplomatic plate cars illegally parked make you aware of the idiocy. Only a fool would expect a body composed mostly of representatives from dictatorships to behave differently.

Kofi is merely a typical example of the corrupt UN. His presence or departure will mean nothing.

Kirkpatrick was an exceptional representative. Her departing is a loss for us all.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Land of Discrimination

Well, with “The Flying Imams” settlement check probably already in the mail we now have another horrible, incredible, I cant believe it would happen in this country, they are firing up the gas chambers right now incident.

Apparently a Muslim woman in Dearborn Michigan had her prayers interrupted at a local gym (
click for scintillating story). When she went to the gym manager she was told, “You have to respect her (the patron) but she doesn’t have to respect your God” The complainant now feels humiliated and ashamed.

I can think of no valid reason why Muslims in this country should have to endure anything like what members of other religions have to put up with. Court ordered removal of every remotely tangential reference to Christianity of course breeds infinite respect for religion in the population at large.

Is it not outrageous that the American population doesn’t seem to comprehend that disrespect and removal of every aspect of one religion does not mean it is permissible to disrespect other religions?

How could decades of religious excision bring about such low regard for other religions? Astounding!

Message to Homeland Security – Set the guilt threat level to red.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Did you hear the one about the six Imams who walk into a plane?

So much for the “poor me” routine from that road show rapidly becoming known as “The Traveling Imams”. These are the six clowns who got thrown off a US air jet a couple of weeks ago for suspicious activity.

Now everyone has been yammering about racism, and how horrible this is, and how intolerant we are as a country. What a load. From what we know, and by all reports Ive read, these guys did everything they could to try and look as suspicious as possible.

Now, I do not know if the police report of the incident is genuine, but it sure as hell looks real to me. Apparently these idiots were praying not once, but twice before boarding the plane as loudly and as conspicuously as possible. They also were together as a group before boarding, and split up as far as possible to unassigned seats upon boarding. They were also seen talking loudly about Saddam and US. When the boarding was called, they chanted Allah, Allah, Allah. In addition, the men had one bag between the six of them and half of them had one-way tickets. None were overweight, yet they asked for seat belt extensions.

Ok, got the picture? This is as textbook an example of shouting “fire” in a crowded theater as one can get.

What was the motive for these men doing this? I would say it was two fold. They wanted to play the race guilt game to get us to lower our security. We will do anything to accommodate our high population of ninnies who cower at the thought of offending any sort of victims group. They also probably wanted to set up a nice little out of court settlement. See how it works? These guys get our security dropped at the same time we are either buying them a new plasma, or funding another terror operation. Neat!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Doh! Its Murtha all over again

Well thank God we once again are on the path towards yet another promise of “the most ethical government ever”.

Only in the parallel universe of the Washington press corps could a party get away with this crap and still be considering the likes of Alcee Hastings to head the House Intelligence committee.

Now while it is true a jury in the trial did not convict Hastings, a panel of judges recommended the House impeach him. A year later the Senate convicted him. Mr. Hastings was removed from the bench forthwith. Three years later he was elected to the House, which probably says a little something about the jury pool in that area.

Now I think Hastings is pretty unlikely to head the Intelligence committee, but let’s face it, this is a little ridiculous. How can he even be in the running? I mean isn’t this sort of like John Murtha all over again?

Message to Nancy – This one should be pretty basic but get it straight – you can’t run on and win an election by promising ethical government and then all of a sudden realize all your top guys have bribery convictions. Got it? That only works during the election when the press will cover for you.. They can keep it up for a few months, but not two years. Got it?

Who knows what will happen, I gave up trying to figure out this stuff a long time ago. This is the party that is so great on civil rights it even has an ex Klansman in it. Honor Diversity!

To have a guy as a contender to head intelligence when he probably couldn’t pass a background check for a library card is just hilarious.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

You may be a lover but you aint no dancer:

Ok – This is a rant – You got it – A RANT – my normally good diction is not something we will apprehend here and I don’t care. No one reads this blog anywhey so what does it matter? Can you tell my fuck is a hippie?

Ok – Here is the deal – Im a right wing guy in what people normally assume is a left wing world – that of assumed sexual promiscuity – parties attended are people beaten – sexual passion expressed not as:”I love you” but as “I want you”. Filth, supposedly on display, never quite manifested because of internal conflict. I feel your pain.

All right here we go, ready?

I was reading a blog. Oh heavens forbid a right wing blog, in some respects my blog mentor

He, and everyone commenting was on about something with trans gendered people using the women’s room and that leading to rape. I was slack jawed for a few moments. Then it hit me, you just don’t get it do you?
Now I am not talking about sex change here. I don’t really care about it. If you don’t get it too bad.

Here is the lowdown – everyone is tranz, if you are a real man you are tranz.

What the hell are you talking about Rupert, you are seriously messed up, I mean what in the world are you saying? Let me explain:

As a man, would you agree that being a proficient lover is important to you? I mean, if you are rich or really tough, that establishes masculinity but if you cant satisfy…. No more masculinity right?

What to do?

Did it ever occur to you to put yourself in the woman’s place? Im not talking about being aware of the vessel you are using. Oh such coarse terms but we all understand don’t we? I am talking about BEING HER while you are inside of her? If you were it would occur to you that your filthy desires are mirrored in an equally reprobate but distinctly different biological fashion. It is different, they are “the other”, but if you can become them, then you will be them and understand and thus fulfill. To what end this fulfillment is useful, god knows. But all men and no few women kill themselves in the endevour.

Got it? If you are male and cant merge into female then you will not know what she is feeling. See the tranz thing percolating here?

Oh sure, you can ask her of her desires, but when expressing concerns of the bedroom do you really believe you are getting an honest answer? Don’t be a fool. She will never tell you, no matter how much you love her or she you. She cant say and you cant hear, you have to see it. Can you say “RED”? Of course not, it is beyond description. No one understands “RED” who has not seen it. It is the same with “the other” you have to be it.

Step back – you may not be able to understand the whole Tranz thing – but surely you can understand the advantage of seeing things from the view of “the other” In sexual matters one would think this is obvious, if you cant get it you are either obtuse or a total fool. Don’t worry though because we are all fools in this, life’s primary impetus. The funny thing is we laugh at the salmon.

Rant Ends


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